The Pointlessness Of Unplugging, Casey N. Questions Essay

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In the article entitled “The Pointlessness of Unplugging,” Casey N. Cep disputes the Impracticality of “unplugging” from technology, using “the fifth annual National Day of Unplugging,” as the focal point of his argument. Cep begins by analyzing a website that participant’s submitted photos to of themselves holding signs with explanations of why they chose to unplug. Ceps continues by saying “How quickly the digital age turned into the age of technological anxiety” (Cep, 2014, para. 3). Which tells the reader his opinion that everyone has become so anxious because of the pace technology has progressed. He then states statistics backing his opinions on why he believes the idea that online connections aren’t authentic is false. The author then shares a story on missing the news of his grandmothers death directly related to him unplugging from technology. Cep’s article has several great points all in which I agree with completely. To evolve as a species we must learn to not fear the unknown but to embrace it and learn from it as we go, not shut it down before it has a chance. As an American what would the country look like if we all unplugged? I hope the country has watched their fair share of post-apocalyptic movies because that’s where we all would be if technology was suddenly ripped away from our grasps.
The article begins by Cep introducing us to an event that abstains participants from using technology called the “National Day of Unplugging.” Cep continues the article by…

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