The Potential Uses Of Cloning Essay

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Cloning is the process of creating similar genetically identical cell, tissue or individual organisms such as insects, plants or bacteria in a lab that would otherwise naturally occur in nature. Cloning is a science that has been around since before Dolly the sheep was created in a lab in the 1997, a sea urchin was cloned in 1894, it ties into many different aspects in life and is soon to be a very common thing in society. Since, and even before, Dolly the sheep scientists have been able to clone genes, cells, food, and other organisms.

Three types of cloning include, gene cloning, a process that creates copies of genes or segments of DNA, reproductive cloning, creating copies of whole animals/organisms. The third type of cloning is therapeutic cloning, researchers use this to create embryonic stem cells in the hopes to grow these cells to create tissue to replace damaged tissues in human bodies. All three will be discussed in the following text along with different effects.

Current/potential uses: One current use is artificial embryo twinning, a not-so-complicated way to make clones, contrary to popular belief. Mimicking Mother Nature this process is an artificial way to create identical twins only it is done inside a petri dish instead of a womb. They are split in two and left to divide and develop before being placed in a surrogate where they will finished the development process. Since the embryos are from the same egg, genetically they are…

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