The Problem Of Class Struggle Essay

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Class struggle is very visible in today 's life. There are people living on the streets and people living in homeless shelters do to drugs and alcohol. Drugs are the reason why people stay in the class they are in because it becomes an addiction and it makes them use less of their brain which causes them not to learn and stay the same. Their brains begin to be useless due to the brain not functioning correctly because of the drugs. Soma is used in Brave New World to keep everyone at the same level they are and were created to be at. Huxley says “It is better that one should suffer than that many should be corrupted”(Huxley 148) Huxley is trying to say that if one person is taking all the blame other than the whole population then we continue to have social stability. That 's why the low class, which are the proletariat, are suffering rather than everyone suffer. The working class are the ones that are taking all the pain so that everyone else can keep living the same as they always have been. Class struggle is a must, in every day life just so that the economy can keep on working properly. If everyone was high class and everyone lived a perfect life then, there is no use of religion but religion is used to keep everyone stable. It is used as a way so that everyone can be at the same plane so that everyone can stay occupied. The church is the one of the biggest businesses that are used to keep the economy working well. The poor class uses the church as a way to keep hope. It…

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