Essay about The Problems Of The Francisco

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The Francisco’s have been a couple for twenty-seven years. The couple got engaged after dating for about two years, and they got married three months later. Mrs. Francisco is in her late forty’s she works in a company doing manual labor. Mr. Francisco is in early fifty’s and he owns his own landscaping company. The couple has five children, four daughters who are 25,24,23,20 and a son who is 15. The Francisco’s are my parents. They spend their free time with their grandchild and they enjoy spending time abroad visiting family. They have not had to transition to the empty nest stage yet because four out of five children still live with them so they have a little bit of financial strain trying to pay tuitions and bills.
The Maldonado’s have been couple for about five years, but have been married two years. They are trying to adjust to life with a child. Mr. Maldonado is thirty years old, and Mrs. Maldonado is 25 years old. So there is a five-year gap that strains their relationship a bit. Mrs. Maldonado is a social worker at a local nursing home, and Mr. Maldonado works full-time doing manual labor at a local factory. They have a two-year-old daughter. Mrs. Maldonado and I are very good friends we met at a local event in our hometown. We became really close friends, and she allowed me to be her daughter’s madrina. They are happy and content with their relationship, but they are stressed financially and emotionally. Their main goal right now is to become financially and…

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