The Problems That Ineffective Teachers Cause Essay

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The Problems That Ineffective Teachers Cause

How many students do you think drop out of schools in the United States while you are listening your favorite song? According to U.S Department of Education, over 1.2 million students do not finish their high school education every year in the United States. That is a students every 26 seconds. It means that nine students drop out of their schools while you are listening to a song that is over 4 minutes long. As stated in 2013 National Assessment of Educational Progress, only 26% of 12th grade students are at or above the proficient level in mathematics, and 38% of the students are at their grade reading level. The question is often asked, “What is the cause of those problems?” Research proves that students’ failures and lack of capabilities are a result of ineffective teachers due to teachers’ inadequate professionalism, lack of academic competency, and apathy.

Many qualities of incompetent teachers that cause students to not be motivated to learn are their management skills, lack of motivation, and being biased. Natalie A. Johnson-Leslie, the author of “Effective vs Ineffective Teachers Educating Our Children” claims that ineffective teachers have inadequate classroom management skills. They cannot control their students, and they cannot keep their classrooms quiet. As a result, the atmosphere of the classrooms are usually too loud to study. Under the circumstances, the students cannot focus on…

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