The Revolution Of The Cold War Essay

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During the Cold War, the US and its neoliberal capitalist agenda were out to eliminate any trace of socialism and communism, no matter the cost or consequences. In 1973, Chile was under the rule of Salvador Allende, a democratically elected socialist leader. In the hysteria of possible socialist/communist spread to the US, the American government executed a coup d’état leading to the death of Allende. To force Allende out of office, the CIA worked to destabilize Chile’s economy in order to force a neoliberal leader that supported the US economic policy and benefits. This gave the US the opportunity to appoint brutal dictator Augusto Pinochet who would rule Chile for seventeen years. Under Pinochet’s rule, anyone who opposed him was tortured or murdered. Capitalist neoliberal ideology enforced by the United States did not care for the good of the Chilean people, or even the American people. It only cared for economic gain, demonstrating the evil and greed of capitalism. The Chilean coup is a prime example of American capitalism not knowing nor caring for the limits in destroying the lives and rights of foreign people. Capitalism only cares for the good and benefits of large corporations, who are backed by the government when threatened, demonstrating the upper hand corporations have compared to a common citizen.
Capitalism and equality cannot coexist simply because under capitalistic rule, the government cares more for the wealthy than the working and middle class. Anything…

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