Essay The Rise Of World War I

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Like most catastrophes in this world, World War I can be traced back to the desire for money. Money runs the world today, and in 1914 it was no different. Coming out of an age of extreme imperialism, great tension resided among the European powers in the 1900’s. Jealousy had sparked this tension yet despite the many causes of World War I, all roots of the war lead back to one main one: financial security. Two of the most commonly claimed causes— imperialism, and alliances—all lead back to a single thing: money. For in possessing money, one can rule the world. One does not actually rule the world, but the country with the largest wealth does have the most power and land, and therefore the most control. In a world that desires power above anything else, hostility arises without delay. In order to gain this power, one needs money. Thus money, essential to the pursuit of power, prompted World War I. Throughout the ages, Europe was controlled by central powers. These authorities changed throughout the ages, but they always formed a weighted scale to balance the power of Europe. In the 1900’s these powers consisted of Russia, Britain, France, Germany, and Austria-Hungary. This scale tipped easily yet none of these powers ever gained superiority over the others due to the fact that if one power did begin to tip the scale, the other powers would wage war to deplete the country’s power until all was balanced again. However in achieving this power, one country would have to have…

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