Essay on The Signs Of The Schizotypy Condition

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As expected from the study, many of the participants showed the signs of the schizotypy condition called social anhedonia, which is the lack of ability to experience happiness from activities that would normally be enjoyable. An example of these sort of activities would be talking to peers. The individuals determined to have social anhedonia were more likely to have less Facebook friends, frequently speak less, share fewer pictures, have a Facebook profile that displayed greater length. The volunteers who hid important parts of their Facebook profiles also showed schizotypy symptoms, called perceptual aberrations, which is irregular experiences of one 's magical ideation and senses. It is human instinct to compare our lives to the lives of those around us. While viewing the posts of our online friends, we tend to compare. We compare our entire life with the way our friends and family members are living theirs, causing us to feel sad and upset when we realize that our lives are not as good as everyone else’s. The realization that their lives are not as great as everyone else’s is too much for some people and ultimately lead to changes in mood. For example, when someone logs onto Facebook and scrolls through their newsfeeds, they will most likely see something that sparks jealousy. If someone sees a picture of one of their friends who is on a vacation, they will most likely feel sad because they are not on a vacation and may not be able to go on a vacation anytime soon. The…

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