Essay The Theft Of Identity Theft

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Identity theft, in its most basic form, is the unlawful and unauthorized use of an individual 's personal information for some perceived benefit by the perpetrator. The use of one 's information could consist of their name, address, Social Security number, or any other personal identifying information. The use of such information is typically unknown by the individual whose information it correctly it is, and the benefits received by the perpetrator of identity theft are typically financial in nature. The most prevalent type of identity theft in this day and age is the use of an individual 's credit card information to purchase items or obtain cash, but the damage could be in the form of simply obtaining credit, taking out a whole mortgage, or using one 's identity to obtain access to some kind of institution. The damage to the victim can be quite pervasive. Typically identity theft occurs long before the victim realizes that anything is wrong. The effects of such theft can really a person’s credit, leave them with no money, and prevent them from of obtaining basic necessities in the future, like a mortgage for owning a home. Some different categories of identity theft include identity cloning, criminal identity theft, synthetic identity theft, medical identity theft, child identity theft, and the typical financial identity theft. Identity cloning takes place when an individual steals information from someone and pretends to be that individual by using their personal…

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