Essay The Theory Of The Book Never Let Me Go

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Utilitarian theory is a 19th century theory that was developed by Jeremy Bentham who was a philosopher of utilitarianism. The theory is closely related to the above-discussed theory, but it has a slight difference which makes it more convenient for application in the book Never let me go. The theory states that an action is said to be morally right if the results of the action courses the greatest happiness to the largest population (Bentham). Even without further expounding the theory, one can identify that the theory is totally in support of cloning program as presented in the book. The theory mostly deals with the numbers but not the action by stating that if the highest numbers are happy or benefit from an action compared to those who are affected by the same action, then the action is morally right. This theory can be directly applied in the book because the issue of numbers has a great influence in the book. The issue of killing clones in order to get organs from them is the main issue that raises morality in the book. Addressing this issue using this theory, the act is morally right because of the following reasons. One clone generates organs to more than twenty humans who are in danger of death. This means that one clone makes more than twenty people to be happy and benefit. So, the death of one clone saves the lives of more than twenty people which suggest that those who benefit are more than those who suffer because of the issue of cloning. On the other hand,…

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