The Volkswagen Beetle 's Impact On History Essay

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The Volkswagen beetle is one of the most recognized cars from nearly any point in automotive history. The VW beetle is one of the first common man cars, making its way from the early sides of Germany warming up for World War Two, to the 1970s, with hippies fighting their ways to peace and love across the world. And finally the Volkswagen beetle survives today as one of the cheapest cars but yet the oldest produced car in the war today. The Volkswagen Beetle has made an impact in history from being many symbols through history. When the Volkswagen Beetle was an original idea from Adolf Hitler. He was inspired by the classic Porsche Stuttgart, a rear engine luxury. He had an idea of a common man car that nearly anybody could afford. Of this time only 1/50 people could afford a car, and that’s just the car. At the time nobody worked on their own cars because if you could afford a car, you would hire a mechanic for your car. Hitler’s car on the other hand had to fit specific rules so that everybody would buy it. First, it must fit the entire family; mom, dad and two kids. He never wanted the family to be split apart. Second, the car must be affordable. Knowing not that every person can afford a mechanic to repair the car. All parts in the Beetle cost no more than 600 dollars today. The car was also made to be easy to be fixed. The car had to be easy for the modern man to be able to look at the engine and figure out what was broken. Also not every person can afford deep amounts…

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