Essay on Theme Analysis on Greasy Lake

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Adriana Garcia
January 29, 2013
ENC 1102

Analysis of the Theme in TC Boyle’s Greasy Lake

The theme in T.C. Boyle’s “Greasy Lake” is demonstrated when the narrator and his friends learn a potentially deadly lesson through a series of accidents, caused as a result of their reckless pursuit to be bad. The nature of life reveals to them that striving to be bad in order to be viewed as hip or cool can often result in dark accidents, with catastrophic consequences. In the beginning of the story, three adolescent boys believe themselves to be “dangerous characters” (Boyle, 131) and that “it was good to be bad, when you cultivated decadence like a taste” (130). However, they learn painful lessons during summer vacation that
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In their minds, having fun was synonymous with being bad. Unfortunately, they would soon learn that nature was about to introduce a twist that would shatter the narrator’s romantic notion of being a bad character forever. Greasy Lake is where the boys, in keeping with their bad character appearance, acted impulsively. With little regard of consequences, they decide to play a joke; surprising the wrong person in the wrong car, “a bad greasy character” (132) who may have thought those three boys were looking for a fight or perhaps intending to do far worse things. Compounded with the fact that his fling with a young girl was interrupted, the greasy character decided not to ask questions, but to take violent action and attack the boys. In making a stupid mistake due to harmless mischief, they soon realized that revealing the mistaken identity would not change the consequences. However, it happened and he was now in a situation he could not control, filled with very real consequences he was not prepared for. It could be called fate, karma or even nature but, whatever romantic idea he held of being bad had no way of preparing him to deal with the pain and broken tooth he suffered as a result of getting kicked in the face. After he knocks out the greasy character with a tire iron, the narrator, very aware of what he has done, thinks that he may have accidentally murdered him. Pangs of fear engulf him, not just because what

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