Tour Operation Management Essay

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Contents Introduction 1 Defining tour operator 2 Effect of Current and recent trends and development on the tour operations sector 2 Tour operations sector 3 Holiday package 4 Audiences 4 Planning stages 5 Negotiation 7 Details of negotiation 7 Contracting: 8 Pricing details 8 Travel tour operators sell price 9 Brochure planning 9 E – Brochure 9 Appropriateness of E – brochure 10 A case study of Thailand E- brochure 10 Methods of distribution use to sell a holiday 11 Brochure distribution method 11 Website distribution method 12 Agent distribution method 13 Direct selling distribution method 14 Strategy used by tour operators 14 Offer new destination 15 Tactical decisions used by tour …show more content…
These tourists also help other businesses such as telecommunication services.(William, 2010). * Service like sunset holiday, beach holiday.

Specialist or niche:
Many smaller operators to larger operators 'package' Travel that specialize in personal services are offered. More distant destinations as they status, or special interest holidays Diving holidays with the range operator, walking, bird watching cycling, etc.

Domestic tourism:
Tourism is also called the domestic tourism in this country, but located in different cities of yours that you are not logged in. It is a complement, not a foreign tourist visiting the online form. Stays in their own country, people go for vacation.

Incoming tourism:
As a tourist destination from the outside, if you are in the UK then you are a British tourist entering the United States.
Holiday package
A package holiday or package includes transport and accommodation, a tour operator is known as advertisement and seller are sold together. Other services of a rental car, activities or outings during the weekend may have been like. Charter airlines can transport a foreign country. Package holidays are a form of tying. I designed my first packages to the entire starter, and destination and the duration, timing and details of packages and a brochure designed by

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