Tragedy Of Marriage : A Look At Relationships Essay

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Tragedy of Marriage: A look at Relationships in Othello The idealistic love, for many people, is of the fiery passionate kind. Poets and playwrights have wasted a considerable amount of paper and ink to write about that one true love that never dies. I am not qualified to say that such love does not exist, but I believe that there are more to romantic relationships than just love, especially when marriage is concerned. Passions and desires alone seldom unite two people until death do them part. A marriage requires not just love, but devotion, understanding, and patience. It takes two people constantly trying to perfect themselves for each other. In Othello, Shakespeare explores the delicacy of marriage and how easily a relationship built on unstable foundation can collapse. Shakespeare describes two marital relationships, both of which end tragically, to show that a happy marriage requires a balance between practical and idealistic attitudes. The marriage between Iago and Emilia fails because both of them are overly practical. For Iago, marriage is just a relationship of lust. He speaks of his wife as if she exists solely to sate his desire: “Players in your huswifery, and huswives in your beds” (2.1.114). Iago values reasons and rejects the notion of love: “But we have reason to cool our raging motions, our carnal stings, our unbitted lusts, whereof I take this that you call love to be a sect or scion” (1.3.332-35). He makes fun of Roderigo’s overdramatic declaration of…

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