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A.C 1.1 Identify criteria used in sourcing data.

Fig.1, Example of primary data sourced from;

Data is defined as useful raw material which is intended to be useful for both the originator and for the intended receiver. Data consists largely of facts and figures ideal for communicating the intended meaning. This data can be interpreted and can be categorised as follows; * Primary data. * Secondary data.

Primary data is intended for personal/company use and is compiled by the user for a specific requirement.

This data has been compiled by the sales department in order to attract future customers, therefore specific and primary data.
This data is readily available to the public and
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There are 8 areas of principle for Data Protection. 1. Processed for limited purposes. 2. Adequate, relevant and not excessive. 3. Accurate and up to date. 4. Not kept longer than necessary. 5. Processed in line with your rights. 6. Secure. 7. Not transferred to other countries without proper protection.

In my company data is readily available, publicly via the internet or on the company intranet for company employees.

Sensitive product data such as engineering drawings, product specifications and quality policies are available on a more controlled database and individuals are only granted access on a strict personal authority basis.
Some data can be accessed by personnel only after signing a company secrets declaration similar to that which is used in the military.
Other personal data which is accessible is limited to contact details only.
Company personal computers are mainly positioned as to not the allow breeches of the Data Protection Act 1998. Some computers are communal and accessed by many users therefore more care has to be taken. A computer log could normally be used so that a user can be identified at a particular time.

CCTV is strictly controlled and stored using a register and can only be released with written authority by the companies Data Protection Officer, principle 6 applies.

A.C 2.2. Identify trends and

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