When I Finally Left Home Essay

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4.1 When I finally left home I realized how closed off I was to the rest of the world around me. With little diversity and culture represented in my Massachusetts home; it was a bit of a culture shock arriving in New York City. Here; different cultures are represented, various opinions are presented, and social norms are rejected. With this refreshing outlook on life, I believe it is necessary to get outside of your comfort zone and become aware of your surroundings.
Back in my home town of Marshfield, I felt completely closed off to the rest of the world. My town was made up of little diversity and culture. Everyone, including myself, was quite ignorant to the rest of society. We were in a metaphorical bubble-- too caught up in our own lives to really care about anyone outside of ourselves. Nobody took a caring to the social problems surrounding us as our town didn’t face much adversity. At one point, the biggest controversy was that a local mother wanted to change the school’s “Christmas vacation” to “Holiday vacation.” There are many important issues going on in the world but my town chose to have legitimate debates about the name of what our break was called. Current events were of little importance, and we were unknowing to what was going on around us. People were quite arrogant in their beliefs. No one really thought that issues such as feminism, economic inequality, mental health, or racism existed. No one saw anyone suffering from these, so no one paid much…

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