Who Is The Lucky Guy? Essay

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Lupita: Mom! I have a boyfriend
Mather: My love, I just want you to be happy. Who is the lucky guy?
Lupita: His name is Bryan Smith, and I was dating with him for 1 year. I know I never talk about him because I did not know the relationship was serious.
Mather: (Trying to reason with her daughter) Lupita! Why you do not look for a Mexican boy?
Lupita: Mom! but I like him, now we decide to live together.
Mather: (Altered voice) but Guadalupe! You have to think about marriage first? Where are all the values that I have taught you when you were a child? ...

Is this conversations sound familiar for you? What do you think about others families and customs? What is important for your family? It is true that Families are different around the word, I come from a Mexican family, and I have close family marred with people from US (United State) and Poland, so I can say that some of the most noticeable difference between families is the structure, the organization, and the celebrations of the families. I do not want to talk about all the families around the word, but I will talk about two types of families that exist in my environment at the moment (Mexican and American families), which are actually three, but this is another story.

Traditional Mexican Families
Mother and Father are the nuclear of the families in Mexico, for them the marriage and family are very important. Now most of the families have more than 3 kids but before in 70’s was more than 6 kids per families.…

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