Why Divorce Is Morally Wrong Essay

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Divorce has grown significantly in our society over the years. Seems almost like a plague in our world. Yes, there are many reasons why divorce may be the only option. For example, money, substance abuse, sexual indiscretion or lackadaisical commitments. However I do believe that divorce is morally wrong, but then again depending on certain situations there may be necessary actions taken to terminate a marriage. Through the duration of this argument I will cover the importance of a marriage and why it is a holy sanction that should be taken seriously. Opposing viewpoints on the subject such as, personal desires linked to authenticity or as stated earlier dangerous circumstances. Finally, include excerpts from different sources to support my statement that divorce is morally wrong.
The Church believes that divorce is morally wrong and Jesus Christ proclaims in the bible exactly that. With this ideology we must realize that marriage is a sacrament and it is binding. According to the bible, Matthew 19:6 states, “So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate”. The majority of marriages are done with the witness of some kind of religious authority, who ultimately resemble Christ and his teachings. Going against the sacrament, disregarding vows and committing to a divorce seems almost like a slap in the face to God. We fail to realize the high importance of what we are binding too. Cloutier touches on the aspect of how “the…

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