Why Is It Important? Essay

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The expression "family" alludes to a fundamental sociological unit. The term has been utilized to mean two or more individuals staying together and identified with one another by blood or marriage. The organization, size and structure has experienced a change over time as well as the culture. There have been substantial families including grandparents, youth, uncles, aunties and cousins all staying together as a joint family; and little families which involve just people with their adolescents. Family roles have likewise changed, with both men and ladies taking dynamic part in settling down by choice. Women are assuming positions which were once for men and it is also starting to be the other way around. Therefore, the group as a social unit has shifted in organization and structure.
Why is it important?
Being able to handle and master the skills of these stages will help you transition from one stage to the next easily. The theory suggest that transitioning easily will decrease on your stress. Whether you are bonded by blood or marriage what you experience through the life cycle will affect you in some way shape or form.

In the 1960’s Wells and Gruber came up with a concept of segmentation they called the Family Life Cycle (Wheeler 2006). It is a system that compares the size of a family, marital status and ages of each member as well an each household income which then classifies them into different categories. The Family Life Cycle is no longer the normal for…

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