Why Tourism Matters Essay examples

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CH.35- Why Tourism Matters
By Sharon Bohn Gmelch

In spite of lying on extravagant beaches, visiting famous sites like the Niagara Falls or whichever fun experiences you may have in mind. Tourism plays a huge role in the global economy. Tourism is the largest industry in the world. One in every twelve workings is associated with it. In the year 2006 there was 840 million international tourists crossing their nation’s boarders around the world. In 2020 it’s expected to double, generating two trillion dollars. The rapid growth has large negative impacts on the environment but entitles great economic growth. It’s a huge business with both ups and downs. Travelling for pleasure isn’t modern. It’s been happening for centuries but
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The author states that in some places, only 30% of the money spent by foreigners stays in the touring destination. Local agencies have difficulty earning money because when people travel they have already purchased packages from their hometowns. More than economical impacts, the daily lives of locals may also be negatively affected. Some locals such as Alaskans who were heavily observed in their lifestyle of hunting seals would often take evasive measures such as working indoors to avoid excessive observance by tourism. Culture can also be affected as well. Hawaiian Hula, which was originally a sacred temple dance is now often viewed and performed as an entertainment art. Although some may see this as destroying the culture, it allows everyone the opportunity to practice hula and let the ancient art grow, while still keeping some of its original values. Even young women engaged with prostitution in popular tourism destinations. For example women will marry men from foreign countries to establish citizenship to become a prostitute as a means of earning money. Also some countries such as Western countries like Japan and the Middle East offer packaged sex tours. On the other hand, there are great impacts on economy through the tourism. As it is very obvious that tourism has been contributing to the economy growth all over the world, and tourism creates new markets for local arts in order to make

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