William Shakespeare 's Cymbeline And Othello Essay

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Jealousy in Cymbeline and Othello

The play Cymbeline is a romance written by Shakespeare. This play has many themes, among them: jealousy. The characters presented in the play Cymbeline are similar to some of the characters in Othello. Based on the first act of the play Cymbeline seemed like it would be a tragedy just like the play Othello. These plays are similar in their use of jealousy, and the effect of jealousy.
Jealousy is a big issue in both plays. In Cymbeline, Posthumus is easily persuaded by Iachimo because of Posthumus’ jealousy. Iachimo describes Imogen’s bedroom room, and a birth mark that she has on her bosom; as a proof of her dishonesty, and Posthumus believes him. The same thing happens in Othello. Iago easily convinces Othello that his wife Desdemona is cheating on him. Othello’s jealousy leads him to end his marriage. Jealous rage blinds both Othello and Posthumus causing them to want their wives dead. However, since Cymbeline is a romance everything ends well. Sadly, the same thing did not occur in Othello, he kills his wife. Later Iago’s wife Emilia reveals that Iago is a jealous evil man. Iago wants to destroy Othello. According to Benedetto Varchi, “…it is as natural a thing for a man to be Jealous…” (333). However, this degree of jealousy is not normal. He continues, “…none ought either to be praised or blamed for anything they do through the secret instinct of Nature… we condemn not Jealousy itself, but the Excess…” (334).…

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