Essay on William Shakespeare 's Othello And O

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Many older plays or movies are updated to appeal to a different age of people. These renditions often follow the same story line with only subtle differences in an attempt to be more appealing. Many of Shakespeare’s plays have been made into movies to enhance the studying or understanding of his works. An example of this would be Othello, which has been remade into a movie called “O”. Othello and “O” both follow the same story line. The similarities between them make "O" an excellent rendition of the original. Othello by William Shakespeare and “O” directed by Tim Nelson are very similar in many ways; however, they have a small amount of differences within their antagonists. The heinous villain, Iago from Othello and the devious teenager, Hugo from “O” has many of the same characteristics, thus leading to many similarities in their motives, personalities, and plans.
The first similarity between these antagonists is their motives. In both the play and the movie the motives of the characters ' revenge are revealed at the beginning. For example, Iago from Othello is not granted the promotion that he thinks he deserves. Iago believes that he should be made lieutenant because he has proven himself and fought beside Othello for years. This is the initial motive that is revealed in the play. The secondary motive that is later shown is a rumour that Othello has been sleeping with Iago’s wife, Emilia. Each gives Iago justice in ruining Othello’s life. Hugo also finds motivation to…

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