William Shakespeare 's Othello - Racism And Greed Essay examples

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Both racism and greed for power are two qualities regarded in today’s society and in history as repugnant. Even though both qualities are completely detestable and rightfully deserved of being viewed with disfavor, racism and greed for power still run rampant among individuals and even in societies. Shakespeare 's tragedy “Othello”, which was written in 1603 and first performed in 1604, is a play that revolves around the downfall of the Venetian General Othello (Mabillard). Although Othello is a prominent member of the play’s Venetian society, he falls prey to the duplicity of his ensign Iago. Ultimately, Iago’s deceitful nature causes the downfall and the eventual death of not only himself, but also Othello and his wife Desdemona. Nonetheless, Shakespeare intentionally constructed Iago as a deceitful character due to his greed for power and as a racist and misogynist in order to elucidate the problems that were inherent in Elizabethan society. Although Othello has a respectable position as a general of the Venetian army, his race segregates him from the white-man 's society he lives in. Othello bears more authority and power than the average citizen because he is a well-respected general; however,he is still viewed as an outsider. Iago opportunistically manipulates others with Othello’s race in order for his own ruse to operate as planned. For example, Iago tries to incite fear into Brabantio, Desdemona’s father, by declaring: “Even now, now, very now, an old black ram Is…

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