Essay on William Shakespeare 's ' Othello '

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Just as quick as the wind changes the sea, a man’s word can change another man’s direction just as rapidly. This fits quite well with the way Michael Cassio is portrayed throughout Shakespeare’s tragic play, Othello. Throughout the story, Cassio is shaped and explained by three things: his military service, his orderly personality, and his charisma with women. As people and things begin to manipulate Michael, things get a little complicated and threaten Michael’s position as Othello’s lieutenant. However, when he acts as he was taught in the military, everything turns out in his favor. Early on in the play, Michael is described as a trustworthy and educated soldier, earning Othello’s trust in him to be his lieutenant, or second in command. Michael is the first to bring his ship into port after the intense storms destroyed the Turkish Navy while at war with Venice. He is steadfast at the docks to make sure that all of his superiors, Othello, make it ashore. Once all ships are safely in harbor, the crews are ready to celebrate their victory over the Turks and for Othello’s sacred marriage to Desdemona. “Good Michael, look you to the guard tonight. Let’s teach ourselves that honorable stop not to out-sport discretion,” (909.1-3) Othello says this to Michael in regards of the nights festivities. Othello understands that Michael is a good and honorable man and knows that he will do everything in his power to keep things under control. It is at this point Michael,…

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