William Shakespeare 's ' Othello ' Essay

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The role of Emilia in Othello is not large, but her role is crucial. She has various loyalties to her friend, Desdemona, and her husband, Iago. Her strong connection to both of them leads to the final tragedy. Though she had no knowledge of Iago’s plan for revenge, she played the most critical part for his plan to succeed by supplying him with most tangible evidence. Emilia is a cynical woman who thinks all men are foolish and vicious. Iago does not treat her in any way that would make her feel differently. He treats her like an object and has no respect for her. He speaks harshly of women in general. He does not show Emilia affection and secretly wants to sleep with Desdemona. Emilia also had a hand in setting up the first idea of Cassio and Desdemona’s affair. After Cassio was fired, Iago convinced him to talk to Desdemona to make amends with her husband. Iago made sure Emilia let Cassio in to talk to Desdemona and she did. Emilia thought she was helping the situation when she was actually being used as pawn for Iago. Iago intentionally brought Othello into the room as Cassio was leaving to plant the idea of Desdemona’s infidelity. She may despise her husband most of the time, but she has a wifely duty to him. She attempts to please her husband by stealing Emilia’s handkerchief, but her plan does not succeed. He valued the handkerchief more than his own wife because as soon as the cloth was in his possession he asked her to leave. She had no idea she produced the key…

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