William Shakespeare 's Use Of Loyalty And Betrayal Essay

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Throughout Shakespeare 's plays he does a good job at blending multiple themes in his plays. This blend of multiple themes throughout Shakespeare 's plays keep his audience intrigued by portraying dramatized version of issue the audience might understand from real life issues. One common theme Shakespeare displays in his plays is the his usage of loyalty and betrayal. What I find interesting about Shakespeare 's use of loyalty and betrayal is what seems to always seems to happen to most the characters in his plays. In most of Shakespeare 's plays whether the character is trusting a loved one or a friend, or sneaking behind a family or friends back, the end result always seems the same. This result always seems to end in the downfall of the character even if they were just being honorable by staying true and loyal to their friends and family. I would argue that Shakespeare doesn’t necessarily spare the lives of characters because they are honorable and staying true to loyalty because just like most of the villains in his plays these honest and good hearted characters end up dead. Shakespeare also may be commenting on the fact that even good people do terrible things. I think Othello and Richard III are good examples of the difference between a evil man committing terrible acts and good man whose loyalty drives him mad causing him to become the villain In Shakespeare 's play Othello there are many examples of loyalty and betrayal shown. The biggest form would be Iago’s…

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