Women 's Impact On The Workplace Essay

1004 Words Mar 4th, 2016 null Page
The last 50 years America saw great change in our country as far as women in the workplace go. In a country that is governed by the rule of law we see America produce legislation that is increase the opportunities for women in the workplace, and the marketplace and more recently throughout the 1980s and 90s we’ve saw more women enter the workforce than almost any other time in history. This is mainly due to necessity for it seems like in America today the family wants to own a home, or send their children to college, or even just maintain a comfortable lifestyle for their family it takes two incomes to do this. Nearly 75% of all American families are considered middle-class unfortunately of that 75% according to the national review nearly 48% are considered working-class poor. I feel that this is the main reason that women entered the workforce they had no choice gone are the days of the man be in the breadwinner and coming home to his pipe and slippers or the woman that chooses to stay home and raise her children not because she has to but because she loves her domestic lifestyle. In America today there’s no choice but to have a two income family and I do believe his change in the American families dynamic. As far as the balance of power goes I never noticed the balance of power in our family it seem like B and raise my grandparents my grandfather and grandmother always made the decisions together, when there was a financial decision to be made or a decision of where we…

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