Women 's Role For A Child Essay

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Women in general have come a long way all on their own. From not being able to vote, to not being seen as an equal compared to a man. Still in this time this problem still exist and out women in a choicely debate. Should they go on to start a family, or try and create a successful career first? It’s a saying that goes “age isn’t nothing but a number”, but to some women age affects when they would start their own family. This bring us to the topic of if there is a correct age for a women to start a family should they have babies in there 20’s or 30’s. Some women believe it’s best to start a family in your 20’s.
One point that always come up is you’ll have more energy to care for the child. Caring for a newborn is more work than people fail to realize. It can create not only stressful events at time, but also create a new environment to adapt to. It may not be as easy for 30 year old women to keep up with the pace like a 20 year old would. This could vary which is to be expected. Being a twenty year old there body may be used to being up all times of the night, where an older women already has a “system” which may be hard to break at first. Having a child in your 30’s can be exhausting. Another reason why some women believe you should have children in your 20’s is fertility. Waiting into your thirties or mid-forties can be fine long as you understand the risks that you can undergo. One risk for example is it may take you longer to actually get pregnant. As an older women…

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