Work Life Balance : The Importance Of Finding And Embracing The Change

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Work Life Balance: The Importance of Finding and Embracing the Change
Sylvia is a single, working mother of four kids. Every day Sylvia balances the demands of children and her full time job. Sylvia enjoys her job, although demanding, it allows her to pay her bills. She works day in day out giving it all she has. She is tired and stressed about making ends meet. She has worked hard her whole life to obtain a job where she could stop living paycheck to paycheck. Her salaried job requires that she work 45 hours a week, on the graveyard shift. Sylvia is a model employee, she shows up, works hard, and completes all her work ahead of the set deadlines. Sylvia knows that she can complete her work in far less time than her employer requires her to be there. She often has down time and often daydreams about spending it home with her children. Sylvia’s children beg her daily to stay home with them; they miss the old Sylvia. The mother that used to take them to baseball and soccer, Sylvia just cannot swing it with all that she has on her plate. Sylvia has no romantic life, as she does not have time to date. She sees herself in a spiral path of nothingness and there is no way out. She will forever be a slave to her job, as her kids have many needs that she has to meet. She has a mortgage, a car payment, and utilities due every month. She longs for the days she can spend with her children instead of only wishing that she were the mother that she would be if she did not work so much.…

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