Writing Is An Essential Part Of Everyone 's Life Essay

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Writing is an essential part of everyone’s life. Now-a-days without writing, you are nobody. It is required everywhere, no matter what you’re studying or what you’re doing. Everyone in their lifetime will have to go through this experience: some will be bad; some will not. As Perl claims everyone has a unique method of writing; suggesting mine is completely different than the person next to me. It likes a fingerprint or DNA; it cannot be copied, well you could. Like cloning, someone can plagiarize my writing, but they wouldn 't have the same emotional connection to it. My work well, it is not the most perfect in the world. Truth be told, I always feel terrible when I write something because there are judgmental eyes everywhere making me feel insecure. It 's not just my writing it’s also my personality, but I am trying to change. Well, I am trying to be a more confident and have a positive personality. We will see where it leads. I am a "blocker." There is no doubt about it; it’s just a matter of how many negative characteristic I have in me. I am pretty certain it’s all that were included in the Rose 's essay. Rose The amount of negative characteristics I poses would have any writer cut of their arms, hopefully, it doesn 't come to that. This "non-blocker" style is something new for me: writing this paper without doing an outline or getting stuck on opening paragraph. I am just writing what comes to my mind. Well, I am writing this paper for the second time because I…

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