Year Round Schooling Is An Option For Any School Essay

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Year-round schooling is an option for any school. Year-round school is a different layout for the school year than a traditional school year. The year-round calendar move the summer vacation into many shorter breaks, broken up, throughout the year (Source 2). Although the year-round calendar may sound great to some, others believe it is absolutely horrible. “Most students in year-round school are in class about the same number of days as students on a traditional school calendar” (Source 2). Since year-round schooling has some students on break and others at school, students will have a hard time communicating with others. Year-round schooling has a negative effect on students’ learning experiences. Traditional calendar schools have one hundred and eighty days with a summer break. Traditional schools often switch school calendars to benefit the children. This means students on a year-round schedule will not have a full summer for break, where many people say children lose information that they learned throughout the year. Instead, year-round schedules often have little chunks of breaks every so often. Researchers have found that this helps children avoid losing critical information that they would have over the course of summer break (Source 1). The short breaks help the struggling students pick up on the valuable skills they need (Source 1). On a traditional school calendar, these struggling students would have to wait until summer break to gather the…

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