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Rough Draft Attending the University of Georgia is a dream for many students. After several months, the city of Athens, Georgia becomes a new home for thousands of new incoming freshman. For me, I take great honor in saying that I live in the Classic City. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of “campus tour” busses and tour groups around campus, looking and observing the area and its inhabitants. I remember just last year when I took campus tours to help guide my decision of which college I wanted to attend after high school from an outsider’s view. But, now that I am on the inside, it seems extraordinarily odd to have people observing you and your hometown. However, without this sort of tourism, I would have not been able …show more content…
Instead of focusing on the use of “you”, the tourist, Kincaid focuses the comparison between old Antigua and new Antigua. In the beginning of this book, Kincaid seems to blame the reader. But, as the book progresses there is a focus on government and less of a focus on tourism. She talks about her younger life and how she steals books from the library. Her escape from reality was through reading. This gives the reader an insider’s view on how harsh things must have been for Kincaid growing up and makes the reader realize that when traveling to foreign countries for pleasure, its inhabitants may be suffering. Throughout the book, Kincaid is upset about capitalism and believes that through colonialism, capitalism has not allowed for any progression because even though Antigua is becoming unique, it is still using a form of government that is not their own. However, capitalism has allowed for competition in the world which creates innovation and new ideas to develop. Without these developments, the world would be stuck in the past and not be able to move forward. Kincaid believes that tourism tends to “romanticize” poverty, therefore making improvement difficult because there is no awareness. However, this can be disproved by the many missionary groups that travel to third-world nations to raise awareness and help. Tourism does not always have to be for pleasure because to tour is to travel. And, our reasons for travel are all unique. When we travel to foreign

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