A Rhetorical Analysis of the Stem Cell Research Debate Essay

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Stem cell research has been a heated and highly controversial debate for over a decade, which explains why there have been so many articles on the issue. Like all debates, the issue is based on two different arguments: the scientific evolution and the political war against that evolution. The debate proves itself to be so controversial that is both supported and opposed by many different people, organizations, and religions. There are many “emotional images [that] have been wielded” in an attempt to persuade one side to convert to the other (Hirsen). The stem cell research debate, accompanied by different rhetoric used to argue dissimilar points, comes to life in two articles and a speech: “Should Human Cloning Be Allowed? Yes, Don’t …show more content…
His use of second person throughout his speech indicates his willingness to bring his audience into his story. A tremendous difference exists between addressing an audience with the use of the personal “you,” and addressing the audience in the third person. For that reason, his use of the second person in his speech shows that he wanted his audience to know that he was talking to each and every one of them; but most of all he wanted them to feel that each and every one of them could make a difference and “cast a vote for embryonic stem-cell research” (qtd in Lamm and Everett 430). Another one of the tactics he used was the simplicity of his sentences. As the popular saying goes, he kept them short and sweet; even the scientific process about replacing faulty cells containing one’s DNA is clear and concise and definitely easy to understand. The claim to his argument is about making a choice and voting. Ron Reagan, Jr. believes that people have a choice to make for the betterment of all humanity.
Another way Reagan includes his audience is by asking them thought-provoking questions. By doing so, he attempts to evoke thoughts from the audience, allowing them to think for themselves instead of shoving the information and his ideas down their throats. His passive-persuasive way of speaking can have both positive and negative effects in relation to his claim. The passive tone that his

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