Essay on Allowing Cloning

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Allowing Cloning

In earlier times the subject of cloning human beings has been no more than just a fantastic idea to play around with in science-fiction books and movies. As time progresses though, more and more fantasies become realities. Such is the case with cloning. What has only been dreamt up before by artists on pen and paper can now be performed by scientists in laboratories. With the ability to clone humans now possible the question of whether such an act should even be carried out is raised. How far should cloning be allowed to go if it should even be allowed at all? The answer is that cloning should be allowed, but only in moderation.

Currently Congress is debating on a bill on whether or not cloning should be
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In The Interim?s editorial, ?Stop Cloning Now,? they state that ?most attempts to cloning animals fail, many clonal embryos die, and those that survive display genetic abnormalities including increased risk of many cancers.? Obviously at this point in time cloning is not ready to be widely used and available.

A ban on cloning may seem like a good idea if human cloning can not be safely applied using today?s technology, but if scientists are not allowed to research and experiment with these techniques then how can they be expected to master them? Stephens states his point very bluntly when he writes that ?an outright ban would only serve to delay the time at which the technology can become safe and effective.? If cloning were to be banned now there is a good chance that it will never be researched enough to make it safe to perform. Why would scientists want to research a banned practice? They would only be looked down on by others in their scientific communities for looking into such a subject. A major technological and medical discovery could be flat out halted by an outright ban.

On the ban cloning side there is an argument that passes over the controversy as to whether it?s right or wrong and asks what kind of people will be using cloning. Cloning should not be used in the way that parents would be able to control every little trait of a child that they are soon to give birth to. If cloning were performed without

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