Americans and The Monsanto Protection Act Essay

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Americans are angry in regards to the signing of the Farmer Assurance Act on March 27, 2014. This act also goes by the nickname Monsanto Protection Act. The company Monsanto is well known for its production of GM seeds, or genetically modified seeds. Numerous Americans are currently protesting and creating petitions because genetically modified organisms may be at risk of contaminating organic foods in the near future. In addition, food that contains these organisms often are not labeled for the public. There are many other possible negative impacts. For that reason, people should not only educate themselves on the current issues, but they should fight for their right to have the choice to consume organic food or genetically modified food. …show more content…
This “Trojan Gene Effect” theory warns that the home species can be permanently damaged, and the offspring will not survive (Hosansky). For that reason, genetically engineering these organisms can be dangerous if not contained and separated from the original species.
The agency Greenpeace does not support GMO’s because of it’s concern for the environment. The lives of the Monarch Butterflies are being threatened because of the Bacillus Thuringiensis toxin found in the pollen from genetically modified maize. That BT toxin also has residue that is left in the soil, and without studies of long term effects to rely on there can be possible damage done to the soil ecosystems. Certain organic plants we consume today may not be able to survive in the new soil produced. There is also a herbicide called Roundup that can potentially interfere with hormones, and has been found toxic to tadpoles. In the United Kingdom a study was performed to see how exactly does the effects of herbicide affect wildlife. There are now fewer weed flowers for species of butterflies to feed on, and that leads to there being 24% fewer of their kind. In addition there are fewer seeds for birds to feed on, and there are much less amounts of the beneficial nitrogen-fixing bacteria (Environmental and Health Impacts).
All of these can be seen as components that can lead to a

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