Essay about Background and Statement of Need

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Background and Statement of Need

The High Achievers team works sixty-hour weeks for 52 weeks of the year for a major marketing firm. The previous year was extremely stressful and hectic for the team members who have worked diligently to reach our respective department goals. The High Achievers team exceeded our goals and subsequently helped increase our company corporate goal by 150%. As a reward for going above and beyond the corporation goals/expectations, the company rewarded The High Achievers with a bonus; an all expense paid trip to Cancun. The team of four employees who make up The High Achievers team is overwhelmed by the idea of the all expense paid vacation. The trip to Cancun must be taken during the company's slow
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One of the risks involved is selecting a hotel that is not frequented by young adults. The favorite lodging area for the college students happens to be in the smaller hotels off the main street so many lodging options are available.
Reserving and confirming our flight and lodging accommodations early will reduce many risks associated with traveling. Also, making sure we purchase traveler's insurance will encourage a stress-free vacation. The travelers insurance includes, lost luggage, medical coverage for illness, and will reimburse fees in the event someone has to cancel. Applying for a passport or certified copy of a birth certificate is required so early planning will be necessary. The application process usually takes approximately two-to-three weeks.
The excursions are numerous: there are water sports, scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, dolphin encounter, parasailing, horseback riding, visiting the pyramids, museums, local markets and restaurants. Cancun offers a wide variety of land and sea activities for all ages. Making reservations early for the dolphin encounter is highly recommended, as this is a favorite pastime for most visitors.
Exchanging currency is not necessary, however; it is wise to carry travelers' checks or small denominations of cash. Banks in Cancun will exchange currency at the daily exchange rate.
Overall Statement of Work
The following statement of work (SOW) has been created for our trip to Cancun, Mexico in March 2002. The

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