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Beaches are beautiful forms of nature. Each one varies from another. Some can be rocky, some have white sand, some have black, some are small, and some are large. I love all sorts of beaches. Each beach I have visited has been a memorable experience, but one in particular stands out in my mind.

During my junior year I went on vacation to a resort in Jamaica with a extraordinary beach. It was a large beach with white sand and remarkable palm trees. There was also a long row of enormous rocks that extended far out into the Caribbean Sea. I found that those rocks made a great place to walk out on to watch the glorious sunsets.

I thought this Jamaican beach was great for a couple of reasons. One reason was that it was the
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The waves were enormous. They drummed onto the sandy shore. The smell of the sea was unbelievable. It had never been so strong and clear. That evening there was a slight breeze that occasionally rolled in to tickle the back of my neck and send a chill through my body. Although the majority of the wind was light and harmless, a couple of strong gusts rolled over the water. Those fierce gusts sent the sand flying. As the sand hit my body, the tiny grains felt like hundreds of little pins prickling my skin.

At the edge of the long row of gray colored rocks, I settled down on a smooth one that I found. That rock was like my own. Every time I went to the beach to relax, I would go to the same place.

While staring at the bright orange sun, I took off my sandals and dangled my feet into the warm and pleasant water. The sun was about to disappear past the horizon. In the distance, I could see a couple of small islands. The sky above me was beautiful. It was filled with an array of thousands of different colors. It seemed as if an artist had painted it. A few clouds rolled over the beach. Each cloud had its very own shape and color. No two were identical. The only thing each had in common was that they were all on fire. Then suddenly, the sun was the size of a fingernail, and seconds later it vanished under the sea. As it fell into the sea, a bright orange flash lit up the water and the sky.

To top off the night, loud bursts and

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