Cloning - Experimentation Critique Essay

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Cloning has become a new science that is more realistic today than it would have been 20 years ago. Cloning is when the production of identical cells or organisms has derived from one single individual. There are two different ways cloning can be done, these are explaining further along. Cloning raises many questions based on “can we do this?” and “should we do this?” There have been many issues with folks being undetermined if they should go with or against the idea of cloning. Technological and ethical issues have arisen since this cloning has entered our society. Most folks only seen and heard of cloning in scary movies or sci-fi movies, but in today’s technological world, this is possible. "It is much in the news. The public has been …show more content…
Once experiments started on human cloning, this opened an ethical emergency! Shannon Brownlee claims, "The Vatican condemned the technology of this experiment as being perverse, one German magazine called the research `unscrupulous’.” Some folks believe technology has taken away our morals that our ancestor worked so hard to install in society. Many religious groups believe that human cloning goes against God. Richard McCormick for Christian Century believes that "human cloning is an extremely social matter, not a question of mere personal privacy. I see three dimensions to the moral question: the wholeness of life, the individuality of life, and the respect for life" His article points out how God creates all creatures with them having uniqueness about them. Richard McCormick article also states on how our society is already “messed up” and throwing the idea of cloning into the picture creates more ciaos!
Barbara Ehrenreich, a reporter from Times, stated “why not promote cloning. Why not make a few backup copies of an embryo and keep a backup in case you child may need a new organ replacement?” Cloning a human just to have a “backup” is a question of it being morally right. With the issue of parents' involvement in cloning, Barbara Ehrenreich of Time, writes, "Any normal species would be delighted at the prospect of cloning. No more nasty surprises like sickle cell or Down syndrome-just batch after batch of high-grade and, genetically speaking, immortal offspring!"

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