Essay on Cloning- The Great Effect on the Modern World

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Cloning- The Great Effect on the Modern World

The Shocking Discovery

In early February of 1997, Ian Wilmut and his colleagues at the Roslin Institute in Edinburgh, Scotland made a scientific announcement to the world, appearing in the journal Nature, that would drastically change the course of science and the thoughts of many in the future. These scientists were the first to clone a mammal using cells from an adult sheep. Cells were taken from a Finn Dorset ewe and sent through a process called a nuclear transfer where the original cell was fused with that of a Blackface ewe and then implanted into another Blackface ewe. On July 5, 1996, the Blackface ewe gave birth to Dolly, a lamb genetically identical to the Finn Dorset donor.
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It is only left to wonder how long it will take before humans become next on the list of mammals to be cloned. Martin E. Marty, a senior editor of the Christian Century magazine and professor of history of religion at the University of Chicago, claims that "The common reactions to the prospect of human cloning are revulsion and fear, but these feelings are based on deeper concerns. Though reproductive technologies have been applauded in the past because they produce children, cloning is different. Cloning assaults the distinctive genetic individuality of humans in a way that other reproductive technologies do not." 3 It is not known whether or not Dolly had a duplicate personality as the donor of her cells since she was a sheep. People fear that their dignity would become non-existent if scientists start to clone humans. This duplication may cause them to lose individual distinction.

Dan W. Brock claims that cloning would deny one the right to ignorance or to an open future.4 If a clone of a person is created after the original being, the second already knows what life will be like. He or she can just look to the first being to see what the future will be like. They will have no decisions to make and will know too much about themselves. Brock explains, "It will seem that her life has already been lived and played out by another, that her fate in already determined; she will lose the sense of human possibility in freely and spontaneously

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