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Cloning. Many people associate it with science-fiction novels, not with real life, but animal cloning is a process that is being attempted today all over the world, and human cloning might be next. But should cloning be made illegal? According to the Washington Post, cloning should be made illegal because all nursery rhymes would have to be rewritten: Mary didn’t have a lamb, she had two lambs and a sister named Bridget who looked exactly like her. Mary and Bridget went to school one day with both lambs, but the school board threw them out as cloning was against the rules. Also, the role of the father is not important in cloning. He can make one child, but the next is done by Xerox machine. Cloned children, however, would also celebrate …show more content…
Some animals appear to be normal, but may in fact have brain development problems that are not apparent because they are not sophisticated enough to demonstrate them. “ ‘Just before Christmas, we had a cloned lamb that was perfectly formed,’ said Ian Wilmut, co-creator of Dolly the sheep, the first mammal cloned from a single adult cell. But the lamb could not stop hyperventilating, and after a few days it was euthanized. An autopsy revealed malformed arteries leading to the lungs” (quoted in Weiss A 1). This would also be true in human clones, leading scientists to wonder what would be done with the human clones (Kolata 1). !!!!!!!!!!You can dispose of these animals, but tell me, what would you do with abnormal !!!!!!!!!!humans? . . . You would probably keep them alive with medical intervention, and !!!!!!!!!!they’ll probably be miserable; and even the ones that look normal probably won’t !!!!!!!!!!be. It’s an outrageous criminal enterprise to even attempt” (quoted in Weiss A 1).
Another reason why all cloning should be made completely illegal is the fact that the cloning technology is far from perfected. “It’s a wonder [cloning] works at all” (Kolata 1). One reason cloning does not always work the way scientists want it to is because reprogramming the eggs to clone can go wrong, and preliminary molecular biology

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