Description of the Transhumanism Movement Essay

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Humans have evolved and are still evolving. There are tons of things that have changed about human and are on process of changing as well. It was a lengthy process of transformation; we human are created from apelike ancestors and evolved for over approximately six million years (Tennison, 2012). Humans have overcome many complications which turned out to be evolutionary success. Humanity was positively evolved, humans have principals that should be followed and one of that includes not brining technology dominate us. Transhumanism is an intellectual and cultural movement that rely on improving human condition by the use of advanced technology (Anthony, 2013). People who follow this movement think that humans’ condition can be improved way …show more content…
What we are now was not constructed in few years but took so many million years. And now, when we give birth to a new baby, we are relieved when the kid is born with no deformities. If the new born human did not look alike any other human they are called to be born with deformities. This shows us most of us have given a definition and has expectation on how a human should look like. If suppose there was any disability or deformities we call them mutation but not evolution because we have come to a final picture on how we portrait a human physically should be. But we still have difficulties on how a human should behave, each and everyone’s brain has its own belief on what a human nature is like. Our brain may look alike but inside it’s differently wired so our opinion varies. A question that has yet not answered is what a human nature is or how it is supposed to be. We have managed to differentiate a little between good and bad. But as I said before our brain thinks different so what as a human I think good may seem bad to a different person and vice versa. There are certain group of people who thinks human should have limitation on what they think, act and their behave, for example human cannot follow cannibalism, they believe strongly we are not animals to eat our own species, but in fact we are animals so why can’t we? Who got the answer for this, if at all someone had the answer who would judge if it is right or wrong, and how many are going to accept

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