Divorce Impacts a Child Emotionally, Mentally and Academically

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Divorce Impacts a Child Emotionally, Mentally and Academically

Over 60 percent of couples seeking a divorce have children still living at home. ( 6) What some parents don’t realize when they file for a divorce is the great impact that it will have on their kids. Divorce affects children in many ways. It affects kids emotionally and causes them to experience feelings such as fear, loss, anger and confusion. Divorce also hurts a child’s academic achievement. Children whose parents divorce generally have poorer scores on tests and a higher dropout rate. (3)
Children react differently yet similarly in divorce. Every child caught up in the distress of divorce has a hard time coping with it and imagining their life without a parent. Their
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“They blame themselves for their parents’ breakup” exclaimed Wallerstine “one child felt that her play had been too noisy, while another thought that daddy didn't like her dog”. ( 4)
School age children experience some of the same problems as younger children, but they usually display more signs of anger, worry or sadness. Some children of this age group act like “they don’t care” about the fact that their parents are getting a divorce and others will simply deny that their parents are getting a divorce. Others will choose sides and blame the divorce on only one parent. They start expressing more anger toward the “ bad ” parent, meaning the one they accuse for ruining things.

In this age group, half of the children that were studied by Wallerstine and Kelly reported feeling rejected by one or both parents, and in general, almost all children received less attention because their parents were worried about their own problems during this difficult time. (4) All of this, from the rejection of the parent to the anger and the stress within the child,causes a significant disruption in the child’s ability to participate freely in the learning process. Anxiety, restlessness, inability to concentrate and disturbing thoughts about the separation all contribute to this disruption and lead to a drop in school performance. Like the younger group, these children will also become more irritable and have

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