Divorce Is on the Rise Essay

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Did you know that 100 divorces occur each hour and 1,250,000 divorces occur each year in the United States? (Matthews). Between 1970 and 1977 divorce rates rose 79%. Even though these high rates have declined, a high proportion of marriages still end in divorce (Avins). The divorce rate today in the Untied States is 44%, the rate of divorce for the people who marry for the first time is close to 30% (Avins)(Pattern 1). Divorce has been on a constant rise for the past years in American History, causing a handful of affects on children. Marriage is traditionally defined as a social institution uniting men and women in special forms of mutual dependence for the purpose of founding and maintaining families (Polomeno). At the age of 16, with …show more content…
Usually some couples get married in a rush without fully knowing each other. These couples end up in many situations where they cheat or lie or are unable to fulfill commitment to their partner. According to Avins the needs for intimacy, companionship and love are being placed upon marriage and other types of relationships and it is inevitable that the higher the emotional expectations, the less likely they are to be fulfilled.
Researchers have also found evidence that social network sites are bringing issues into marriages, which are leading to higher divorce rates. Sites such as Facebook and Myspace are known to tempt unhappy spouses to seek out others, which often works against marriage (Isles). According to Avins, cases which are involved with explicit photos that spouses posted on the internet, secret messages, and intimate chat messages between a spouse and another individual are likely triggers for divorce. Spouses who admit they found their spouse online posting inappropriate comments at some point in marriage is a common issue and leads to many divorce cases. Spouses who are suspicious tend to observe their spouse’s networking site profiles frequently and are known to find more than expected (Avins).
In the United States, it is known that one-quarter of all children in the world grow up with parents who are divorced (Avins.). According to Matthews a child’s perception of divorce will be largely determined by

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