Embryonic Stem Cells Should NOT Be Used for Cloning Essay

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Cloning has been an ethical and moral issue since the idea was first developed. There are many uses for investigating into this technology and many diseases that can be cured once the technology is understood. However, many of the methods in which the technology is developed and many of the uses of the technology destroy lives and only do harm. Much good can come from cloning and stem cell research, but we must be careful as to how we use this powerful technology. A stem cell is an unspecified cell that can regenerate itself and also turn into more specific types of cells that do more specific functions in the body (skin cells and blood cells for example). Since these cells have the ability to turn into any type of …show more content…
This is one of the main points of discrepancy between the opinions of the Church and the U.S. Government. If all parties believed that life began at the same point, the moral and ethical issues involved with cloning and stem cell research would be a non-issue. At the present, there are two main types, or reasons, to use the cloning technology, reproductive cloning and therapeutic cloning. Reproductive cloning involves a direct copy of the DNA of a person, to create a new human completely artificially. Therapeutic cloning involves stopping the cloned embryo in it's early stages to extract and use the stem cells for various medical reasons. Neither of these types of cloning have been perfected, or used widely on humans. Much research in the United States is met with heated debate over the issues associated with it. It is widely agreed that reproductive cloning should be banned internationally. This form of cloning bypasses the usual movement and combining of genes that produces a unique individual, having predictable negative effects on the human gene pool. Dolly the sheep, who was cloned from the DNA of another sheep, suffered from lung cancer and a crippling case of arthritis before she was put to sleep. Similar effects have been seen in the cloning of mice and other cloned animals. In fact, it has been hard to get good data on the life span of clones because most of them die at such an early age. The same side effects would be prevalent in

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