Ethical Concepts Essay

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Ethical Concepts

The word "ethics, derived from the Greek term ethos, originally meant customs, habitual usage, conduct, and character and the word "morals", derived from the Latin mores, means customs or habit. Today, in the widest sense, these two words refer to conduct, character, and motives involved in moral acts and include the notion of approval or disapproval of a given conduct, character, or motive that describe by such words as good, desirable, right and worthy.

The following are definitions of the concepts of ethics and beneficence as set forth in The American College Dictionary and Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary.

ethics 1. the principle of morality, including both the science of the good and the nature
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It is then imperative that healthcare providers be completely forthcoming and thorough regarding a medical condition, the possible outcomes, and forms of treatment. To do otherwise would cause a great disservice to the patient and results in distrust towards the practitioner. The need for full disclosure it not limited to just individuals providing healthcare, but includes those who manage informational medical sites, both professional and consumer base.

The hi-tech world calls upon stricter observance of ethical standards. Inappropriate and incorrect information, regardless of delivery, can have devastating effects. To aid in protecting the web site consumer, the Internet Healthcare Coalition was formed. "Just as the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors, founded in 1978, has set the standards for how medical journal authors and editors should behave, the leaders of the e-health information enterprise should now set common standards for ethical behavior." (Jasket, 1999). Lastly, healthcare consumers need to be instructed to evaluate the source of information, and not just blindly trust the written word. As it has been and will continue to be, educating the healthcare consumer or patient remains a primary objective.

The telling of the truth to patients in terms of diagnosis, outcome, possibilities of outcomes and/or probability of outcomes are all areas that we are familiar with in terms of patient-physician

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