Ethics of Human Cloning Essay

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Ethics of Human Cloning

On February 23, 1997 Dolly the lamb was literally made. She is not the work of nature or nature's God but of man, and Englishman, Ian Wilmut, and his fellow scientists. Dolly came into being not only asexually but also as the genetically identical copy of mature ewe, of whom she is a clone. When the startling news was heard throughout the world, there seemed to be substantial debate over the issue since it would open the doors for the possibility of human cloning. Most of the concerns that the opponents have emphasized in the debates have been ethical ones, yet there is not one clear answer to this issue. (McCarthy, 1999, 98)

The first effect of the Dolly announcement was to fire the public
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There the same procedures used to clone Dolly could be used to clone humans. But some scientists tried to explain that human cloning would be more difficult than sheep cloning, because the cells of human embryos start producing proteins at a relatively early stage. Thus, there would not be as much time for the egg cytoplasm to reprogram a transplanted nucleus. However, the successful 1998 cloning of mice, which also start producing proteins at an early embryonic stage, strongly indicated that this problem could be overcome in human.

As the following survey shows most of the American people were against human cloning in general, there opinions are not just black and white rather a very large shade of gray in the middle. Two-thirds of Americans agreed with editorials and news articles opposing the cloning of human beings. Thirty-eight percent were very opposed and believed it should be banned, while 29 percent are somewhat opposed, believing it should be explored as long as it does not get out of control. However, just 12 percent of Americans are very opposed to efforts to clone specific human organs, and 17 percent are cautious, opposed if it gets out of control. Those who do object to the cloning of humans, 16 percent do so on religious grounds, 18 percent on ethical grounds, and 34 percent fear that the laws will not be tough enough to seize human cloning.(Miele, 1999,

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