Father and Daughter in Shakespeare Essay

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William Shakespeare, a poet and playwright wrote many tragedies of similar ideas of young people opposed to marriages. In the story of Othello, Desdemona’s father Brabantio always invites Othello over his house to listen to his stories. Brabantio never expected Othello to marry his daughter. From the beginning of the play Brabantio believes Desdemona is his property and she is only allowed to marry men that he chooses. Because Othello is a moor and not a Venetian Brabantio does not accept him. With the story of Romeo and Juliet, Juliet falls in love with Romeo who is the son of the Montague clan. Juliet is from the Capulet clan, the enemy of the Montague clan. Unfortunately Juliet is undecided between the two and forces herself to pick …show more content…
Brabantio is very possessive over his daughter, he wants to control her every move and Desdemona finds it difficult to agree with her father’s beliefs. Desdemona betrays her father and chooses to marry Brabantio behind his back and then chooses to tell him after they already got married. Desdemona declares her love for Othello and her father gets enraged by her words and claims he would rather adopt a child. Othello is older than Desdemona, he is also from a different culture and he is a moor, not a Venetian. Desdemona’s father does not agree with the fact his daughter married a moor. The interracial marriage had Brabantio die from grief because he claims Othello stole Desdemona from him.
In Romeo and Juliet, Juliet is forced to choose her lover Romeo over her own family. Because of her family rivalry with Romeo’s family, they are not allowed to see each other. Juliet is introduced to a wealthy young man named Paris, who her father wishes she marries and Juliet follow her father’s order but then disobeys. Juliet realizes she does not love Paris; she loves Romeo, and refused to marry Paris. The Lord Capulet did not want his daughter to marry an enemy regardless how charming Romeo was with
Juliet. Nobody seems to care about Juliet’s feelings towards Romeo. Juliet is willing to do anything for Romeo, at the age of thirteen, she does not know what love is but she is very close to it. Juliet says, “I pray you, tell my lord and father, madam, I will not marry yet; and,

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