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"Just one more pull, only one more dollar. Anytime now this machine is sure to pay off big!" This is an example of the chatter you may hear if standing along a row of slot machines, or "one arm bandits" as some like to call them. You might find yourself in the midst of a diverse crowd. There are people celebrating their birthdays, and couples celebrating retirement. You see anxious people putting nickels in slot machines, and you see others risking thousands on a hand of poker. Some are here for the social aspect and to have fun. Others are here, because they have no choice. They are addicted. Regardless of age, amount of money spent, or reasoning for coming. They are all here to gamble. Gambling has become a major
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They disagree with their opponents who see gambling as a hazardous activity that needs to be smothered with restrictions. They are quick to point out that Americans have never wanted a public agency dictating to them how to spend their own time and money. Supporters of opinion one think that often the government tries to play "Big Brother" by trying to prevent problems before they occur. This, according to them, negatively effects our society by pushing government into our lives, slowing economic growth, and by reducing resources that may be needed to solve more serious issues as they arise. Opinion one also substitutes the term "gaming" for "gambling." They feel like the word, "gambling" has a negative vibe, having been associated with the Wild West, Mafia-owned casinos, and the Victorian idea that gambling is evil. They say that "gaming" is a more neutral, clear, and accurate representation of the industry. An industry that they point out is partially owned by millions of Americans through mutual funds and stock investments. Supporters point out that this industry is booming, and we are all sharing the wealth. Americans spend more on gaming than books, recorded music, and movies combined. Supporters of opinion one point out that the gaming industry has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in communities across the nation. They are quick to show examples

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