Essay about Gender Roles in Y: The Last Man by Brian K. Vaughan

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Women and men have equally played their roles since the evolution of the human race. Roles such as housewives, mailmen, doctors, and policemen have kept the society we live today in equilibrium. Men have initially been a dominating species so to think a world without men could survive is doubtful. Y: The Last Man, a fiction comic written by Brian K. Vaughan is about a man named Yorick Brown and his monkey and how they survive a plaque which terminated every male mammal on earth. This comic revolves around Yorick and how he faces various obstacles to save mankind. A world without men would cease to exist.
There will be chaos, monarchy, reform and corruption amongst the women if all men perished. The majority of the government is run by
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Victoria is an example of an absolute monarch as she controls the daughters of the amazon. Victoria was notified that a man was reported to be alive so she assigns Hero, Yorick Browns sister, to hunt this man down. When Hero finds out that her brother was still alive, Victoria brainwashes her as she convinces Hero that her brother is an impurity and he has to die. The most dominant women will conquer and the others will fall under their control if the male species were extinct.
Men are as much dependent on women as women are on men. About 41,500,000 of the women in the United States are married. 21,327,000 others are women without men such as women who have never married (11,822,0000), widows (8,047,000) and divorcees (1,458,000). Most American women dream to be married and start a family of their own but they can’t find an eligible man. Statistics show that many widows, divorcees and single women have succeeded in life despite the issue of finding a man or living without one. Yorick explains how his sister, Hero, has dated many men but they all turned out to be loser. Hero has always had bad luck with dating men and how she found her Mr. Right before the plaque started. Yorick was worried as Hero lost that one man that could’ve been the one for her. The vast majority of the women have experienced emotions with men. If men weren’t around, majority of the women wouldn’t experience love, denial, trust, lust, sympathy and loyalty with a man. Instead they

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