Genetic Engineering: Cloning: Dolly and Eugenics Essay

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Cloning is vital in American society because it will help us further our knowledge in genetics. Also cloning will make us realize how much scientists can actually accomplish knowing how to clone. Scientists were able to clone an animal in 1997. That accomplishment made all the scientist’s theories about cloning possible. It gave the scientists hope that one day they will maybe be able to clone a human because they were able to clone a mammal. Eugenics is also vital to American society. Eugenics is the practice of improving human’s genetic quality of the human population as a whole. Cloning plays a huge role in science. It’s all about genetics and DNA and what humans can do to further our knowledge with the human anatomy. Not all people …show more content…
The cells have to be in the embryonic stage so they could be successfully developed. In later studies, results confirmed the birth of Dolly in July of 1996 (Campbell).
In 1997 the first mammal was cloned. She was a sheep and her name was Dolly (Hellsten). Dolly was produced by nuclear transfer by using a donor cell population that was established from another adult sheep (Campbell). Before Dolly was born cloning was just a theory. The scientists did not know if cloning was even possible. But once Dolly was born and survived the clone then it became real and they knew they were able to clone mammals. The change that occurred was not being able to clone at all and it all being a theory to successfully cloning a mammal and that theory becoming reality.
Scottish scientists, Ian Wilmut and Keith Campbell, took a single embryonic cell from and adult sheep and fused it with a second sheep’s unfertilized egg which had been stripped of its DNA and implanted it into a surrogate mother (Wade). After hundreds of tries they were finally successful, Dolly was born (Wade). “The difficult step in animal cloning had in fact been taken many years before, in the cloning of frogs, and when the Nobel Prize jurors got around to recognizing the field, they gave their award to John Gurdon, frog cloner, not to Ian Wilmut, the so-called father of Dolly,” says Nicholas Wade (Wade). Dolly lived her whole life at the Roslin Institute in

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